We are Blokk Lab

Blokk Lab is a software development company that is specialized within the blockchain field.

About Blokk Lab

We help established businesses as well as start ups to adopt the digital transformation and disrupt their industry by implementing unique or existing blockchain solutions, and creating new revenue streams.

We are providing our clients with a strong team of professionals, who are ready to offer you full cycle development. From the idea to the end product Blokk Lab accompanies you at every stage of blockchain adoption.

Our in-depth expertise in Blockchain and FinTech projects allows easy implementation of blockchain technology in compliance with your business strategy. 

"We are blockchain experts and badass business builders who understand the technology on a level that is deeper than coding.With constantly improving our skill, finding new markets and industry trends we are able to deliver cutting edge business strategies and development service"
Katarina Hentze Grahn, Head of Blockchain Development

Besides our consultancy and unique blockchain development services, we are specialized within the Non-fungible Token (NFT)  area. 

We have made it easy for builders and developers to build their own platform, without having much knowledge of coding. We also offer a white label solution with an already made marketplace for digital assets, so you can get started with your NFT platform today.

Blokk Lab Network

The Blokk Lab Network is a fast and developer-friendly blockchain that helps empower the next generation within the non-fungible token (NFT) space. 

We help entrepreneurs and startups, as well as established firms and enterprises build their NFT platform through the Blokk Lab Network, whether this is integrating it to an existing platform or building a new one.

Blokk Lab thrives to withhold the Scandinavian standards and takes inspiration from the Danish company Lego, why smart contracts on the Blokk Lab Network are assembled as Lego Blocks (Blokk Lab Building Blocks) in order for builders to easily stack and create. 

Blokk Lab encourages developers to build their platform through our open source API’s (Blokk Lab Building Blocks) or by collaborating with our development team that is always ready to assist you in your project. We have made it easy to create new digital assets that are tradable through and across different networks.

Blokk Lab Team

Yaw Gyamfi

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Katarina Hentze Grahn

Head of blockchain development &

Andreas Lind

Chief Technical Officer & Co-founder

Oliver Kesi

Brand Awareness & Beatoken Co-founder

Nick Skaarup Asferg

Creative Director & Beatoken Co-founder

Patrick Kjærsgaard

Marketing Specialist & Social Media Manager

Mads Høimark

3D Animator

Iryna Skovgaard

IT Security Officer

Rebekka Hentze

Senior Consultant

Sarah de la Porte

Project Coordinator

Development team

Sergey Klepikov

Front-end developer, Enzobit

Vladimir Dolzhykov

Back-end developer, full-stack, Enzobit

Sergey Plagov

WP-developer, PM, Enzobit

Roman Yaremko

Project manager, Enzobit

Blokk Lab Rising Stars

Marcus Bay-Smidt Christensen

Junior Consultant - Professional Gamer (Gaming Expert)

Andrim Veliji

NFT Consultant and Creative Advisor

Marco Florio Barimani

Junior 3D Animator