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In a constantly evolving industry it is important to be a head for things. With a combination of highly skilled business developers, expert blockchain developers, as well as a young and motivated team we are able to constantly improve and evolve with new tendencies in the industry.

Blokk Lab has made it easy for builders and developers to build their own platform, without having much knowledge of coding.

Our codes are made as building blocks, and can easily be linked and integrated to create your own unique platform solution. 

Start building with our developers, use your own developers, or choose our ready made platform that can fit the needs of any industry. The choice is yours and we are here to assist in any way.

Blokk Lab Builder


Let users sell and trade their digital art on your own marketplace, or take advantage of the Blokk Lab marketplace, by connecting your platform to the Blokk Lab network.


Let creators mint their own NFT’s, or set limits to the minting to create a unique and controlled experience. You are able mint NFT's containing text, code, audio, video, animation, various still formats, as well as connecting your NFT to physical deliverables.


Users can create, share and compare collections. Follow interesting stakeholders or gain a following by building an intriguing collection.


Connect your NFT platform with our built-in wallet that makes transactions and exchanges between fiat and crypto currency seamless.